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McKay Knarston is a medium sized Takapuna consulting survey firm offering a comprehensive land survey service, including subdivision, land development and precise measurement science.

Started by Don McKay in 1960, the firm was purchased by Keith Knarston in 1990 and as of 2016 is owned by Babbage Consultants Ltd. McKay Knarston Ltd continues to provide a high level of service but can now offer the additional expertise that Babbage bring. These include geotechnical, architectural, civil and structural engineering and ecology and environmental services. See www.babbage.co.nz for further details.

While the firm offers a rare depth of experience and expertise, its systems, process and technology are cutting edge. For example, all fieldwork is undertaken with electronic Total Stations or GPS and is downloaded direct to specialised map processing software.

We work with people from all walks of life – from developers, architects, estate agents and engineers to lawyers and mom and pop investors – who need expert help with:

  • Land surveys, topographic detail surveys and site plans
  • Resource consents for sub division and land development
  • Cadastral surveying (the means by which private and public land is defined, divided, traced, and recorded)
  • Project management for land subdivision
  • Subdivision feasibility studies
  • Navigating efficiently through the red tape and resource consents
  • Precise surveying and structural monitoring
  • Setting out for construction

Why McKay Knarston?
In business for more than 50 years, McKay Knarston is a well-established, widely respected firm of Auckland land surveyors, with a core expertise in measurement science.

Complementing McKay Knarston’s land development and surveying experience, we have a network of relationships with municipal and government officials and professionals, which have been developed over some considerable time.

This network has enabled us to save clients thousands of dollars. For example, in one recent case we were able to save a client more than $10,000 when we found they did not need two of the manholes council was insisting upon.

In addition, McKay Knarston utilises the very latest in modern electronic equipment, GPS systems and high-end software to get the best surveying and cost saving results for our clients.

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