At McKay Knarston we offer a
variety of services backed by
our professional expertise and
experience, including setting the
boundaries of land, subdivision
feasibility studies and project
management, as well as organising
the development of land.

We are also skilled and
experienced in interpreting the
often-confusing language of legal
descriptions and land titles.


As land surveyors, we can help you achieve excellent results in a variety of land related projects, including:
- Subdivisions
- Home remodelling and additions
- Landscaping changes or developments
- Buying or selling a property
- Land development and new construction
- Determining a property’s boundary

- Urban and rural subdivisions
- Unit title subdivision
- Cross lease
- Boundary redefinition
- Topographical and site detail surveys
- GPS surveys
- Precise monitoring of settlement and lateral displacement
- Rentable area measurement for lease purposes
- Height Certification

Resource Consents:
- Preparation, design and submission of subdivision and land use
resource consents

Land Development:
- Design of road alignment and drainage works for subdivision
- Design of storm water, sewer and water services for subdivision
- Preparation of drawings for approval

Project Management:
- Full Project management services for Land Subdivision works.

How we help you maximise your dollar:
A McKay Knarston land surveyor can help you evaluate your land and the potential opportunities and hazards associated with it. For example:

- Our boundary services help you understand where your land begins and ends and how that influences your present and future plans
- We identify any defects in the land
- We map the lay of the land to determine how that affects your building or future development and subdivision plans
- We help interpret the red tape and the numerous obligations and pitfalls associated with subdivision and land development

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