If you’re wondering whether you
can subdivide your property or
considering purchasing property
for subdivision – and whether it
is worth the investment – McKay
Knarston’s initial consultation
will be able to answer some of
your questions.


Having subdivided hundreds of properties Auckland wide over the last 30 years (particularly on the North Shore), Keith Knarston understands better than anybody that the process is bewildering, complicated and time consuming.

“Many people approach their local council for advice, but very often this just results in more questions than answers. Even the simplest of infill sites can be very complex, as there are a large number of planning and engineering constraints that may restrict the ability to subdivide,” says Keith.

In addition to their vast hands on experience, Keith and his team at McKay Knarston offer a powerful arsenal of tools to assist your subdivision, not to mention a number of innovative and practical solutions to overcome obstacles.

Pre-Purchase/Sale Options:

Desktop Analysis $250 excl. GST (for two lot subdivisions, enquire for larger sites)

•             Provides advice to purchasers making decisions on purchasing property

•             Involves investigating the GIS information, title limitations and District Plan and engineering requirements that will affect the subdivision and how these matters can be solved

•             Reporting to client verbally either by phone or meeting in out office, providing advice regarding development potential, budget costs, issues to be investigated further and risks

Feasibility Study $1,500 excl. GST (for two lot subdivisions, enquire for larger sites)

1.            A report into the town planning and engineering requirements that will affect the subdivision and how these matters can be solved.

2.            A preliminary plan of the proposed subdivision, prepared from site measurements taken by McKay Knarston plotted, with one or two subdivision options provided.

3.            A schedule of the total cost of completing the subdivision. This schedule includes up to 40 items that may incur costs in undertaking the subdivision as follows:

•             Consultant’s fees – surveyor, engineer, arborist.

•             Council fees and financial contributions (generally the largest cost item).

•             Civil construction costs (drives, drainage, water, power and telephone).

Payment for these services is required at the time of booking. By instructing us and paying for our services you agree to our standard terms and conditions of consultant engagement.

Allow 2 working days for us to complete the Desktop Analysis and 5 working days to complete the Feasibility Study. To book, please call the office to confirm we are able to undertake the work within the timeframe required.

The above subdivision feasibility report can be used as a powerful tool for giving you the information required to allow you to make a decision regarding subdivision.

What are the steps involved in subdivision?

1.    Investigation and application
2.    Subdivision consent

Reserves contribution
Other financial contributions
Engineering conditions

3.    Certification of survey plan
4.    Complete conditions of subdivision consent
5.    Section 224(c) certificate and issue of title

Can you subdivide your land?

Subdivision can offer you a realistic way to release equity from your property, but the process can be confusing, become tied down with red tape or compromised by cost blowouts.

This is because subdivisions can impact existing local council services in the area, which would have to be upgraded to cope with the increased demand.

McKay Knarston offers a free initial consultation to clients who are looking at subdivision feasibility – whether they own the property or are considering purchasing the property. Too often people purchase property with the intention of subdividing, only to find that it’s not cost effective.

Our vast network, expertise and experience in land development and subdivision means McKay Knarston is ideally qualified to consult with yourself, consultants and professionals like lawyers and architects, local council officials, contractors and utility services to help you achieve a return on your investment.

Talk to us today about a free initial consultation to evaluate the profit potential of your subdivision.